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Q: What is your return policy?
A: Return Policy:

  • Returns must be made within 30 calendar days from the shipping date.
  • If consent is being made either by email or phone to request for refund or return, all merchandise must be returned to us within 7 business days from the consent date.
  • All merchandise returned after 30 calendar days but before three months from the ship date will be subjected to a restocking fee or will be sent back to you at your cost. Restocking fee is 15% of the value of returned item(s) from the invoice. Returns which are made after three months from the invoice date will be rejected and returned back to you on your own Shipping & Handling (S&H) cost.
  • Merchandise being returned must be in original unbroken strands. Broken strands or items modified to customer requirements cannot be returned. Customers are responsible for the return S&H cost. Sales are final for merchandise purchased in the showroom or at trade shows and cannot be returned.
  • All Office orders should be mailed to our office directly and should not be returned on our show booth.

Q: Where do your pearls come from?
A: Our pearls come from China.

Q: Can I talk to someone at Majestic ?
A: You are welcome to contact us at Majestic. We can be reached at 212-268-9881 during our business hours Monday thru Friday 10am to 6:30pm or email us at You can also leave a message for us and one of our friendly representatives will contact you.

Q: Do you do retail?
A: No, we only deal with wholesale. We will require all new customers to show us a tax ID.

Q: Do you have a show room?
A: Yes we do have a show room. It is located at 600 Meadowlands Pkwy, Ste25, Secaucus, NJ 07094. We welcome our clients to stop by.

Q: Are all the pearls real?
A: All our freshwater pearls are cultured and real.

Q: What is the difference between cultured and natural pearls?
A: Natural pearls have no human intervention and are found in its natural environment. Cultured pearls have gone through a process which people have implanted an irritant in the mollusks to stimulate the creation of the pearl.

Q: There are so many different colors in freshwater pearls? Is the color natural?
A: Freshwater pearls can come in different colors besides white. Some are natural colors and others are irradiated colors. The natural colors can be peach, lavender or pink. At Majestic, we label all pearls to indicate whether or not the colors are natural. Color which is irradiated onto the pearl would be label with an R code.

Q: Do you do tradeshows?
A: Yes, we attend tradeshow all year round. You can find a list of shows that we will be attending to under the Events Page.

Q: Is there a minimum purchase?
A: There is a minimum purchase of $100 only on the first initial order. Our tradeshows are the only exception where there is no minimum purchase.