Majestic™ Pearl
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About Us

Established in 1980, Majestic™ has earned a reputation as a leader in the industry. Since founding Majestic™, a very simple philosophy is held: exceptional service and quality products to our customers.
Majestic™, originally instated in Hong Kong, began with both semi-precious stones and freshwater pearls.
After three years into the business, the first factory for fresh water pearls established in China. Since then, the company's primary goal has been specializing in Freshwater Pearls.

Mission Statement

Majestic™ succeeds by delivering outstanding performance and quality pearls.
We believe in service beyond expectation; achieved through a constant desire to anticipate and fulfill evolving customer needs.
Majestic™ is dedicated to pushing the limits of excellence by standing at the forefront to provide the finest in the industry.